Here’s a bit about the book I’m just starting on

Getting my next chapter ready to release, as well as the next Ariana’s Cafe writing prompt. Immortal Separation is being released in the newsletter in case you’ve forgotten or missed out. Once I’ve shared the 3rd chapter, I won’t be sharing the link all over. It’s up to my newsletter subscribers to share and talk about the rest. So if you haven’t subscribed, do it now.

You can read Chapter One here – The link will become invalid once I post Chapter Two. And in case you happen to overlook this chapter, no worries; I will be combining them all at once, and at the top will be jump links so if you just want to start where you left off, you’re more than welcome to click and skip ahead. 🙂

Just started writing my first book of the 8 outlines I was working on. I have 5 complete right now, but this past month I have had a lot going on at home, so I haven’t had time to work on the others. I will continue to work on the rest as I go. I’m going to add them (word count meters)as I start them, over in the sidebar. You can keep track of the word count there.

Here is draft snippet of what I just started:

The vitamin infuser was designed to help her maintain her energy, her life. Her father asked every morning without fail, “did you take your vitamins?”

“Yes, father,” she would reply. It had become a morning ritual that also tired her out. He was relentless, as though she would forget. As though he’d allow her to forget.

The swirling greys brightened to white, which meant she had plenty of vitamins.

So why the exhaustion?

The red moon over the blank horizon, cast enough of a glow to illuminate the miles of rock, dirt, and sand. Dead, everything dead. Always.

“Ellie?” Stone’s voice interrupted her reverie. His attention bore into her back. “What are you doing?”

And over to getting the next chapter of Immortal Separation ready to release.

Oh! By the way, look at the sidebar. Wonderful event going on that C.J. Lyons sent out the other day. If you’re looking for a free book to read, or you’re looking to include yours (has to be free on July 14th) hoppity skip to the site and check it out. Dark Illusions: The Beginning will be included.


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