Seeing Stars

“The image is one thing and the human being another…..It’s very hard to live up to an image.” Elvis Presley

Just what is it about celebrities that seem to fascinate us so much? I mean all the hoopla about them didn’t just start with Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan. Gossip papers, fan magazines and invasive paparazzi have been around for as long as there has been Hollywoodand a desire by fans to see and know as much as they can about their favorite celebrities. But just what IS IT about them that make us stop to read The National Enquirer or People magazine while on the check out line with our peanut butter, shampoo and toilet paper?

Is it the glitz and the glamour of a life that we will never have that draws us in? Is it because looking at Sandra Bullock dressed to the nines on the red carpet in her Valentino gown helps us to forget that we are standing in that checkout line in our old torn up jeans, t- shirt and sneakers while wearing sunglasses because we didn’t bother putting any make up on and we think we look like something the cat coughed up after giving his fur coat a good licking the night before?

……not that I’ve ever done that myself or anything……{{ahem, ahem}}

Perhaps it’s because we get to live vicariously through them. We can escape our own daily reality for a little while as we see what life might be like if we had enough money to buy our own island, or a mansion with more rooms than we could ever hope to use, or a pet pot bellied pig and peacock! (Can one ever hope to find peacock food at the local PetSmart anyway??)

Or maybe the whole thing comes down to the simple fact that when we see and read about the lives and problems of others…celebrities or otherwise… helps us to forget about our own problems for a little while, or maybe help us to put all of our problems into perspective. I mean what’s worse? Stepping in doggie doo with your brand new shoes as you’re heading out the door for a job interview or on a hot date? ………or winding up in jail or rehab for the umpteenth time because your life is spinning out of control from being able to live a life of excess yet not being able to handle it?

Suddenly….that doggie doo isn’t QUITE the tragedy it was just a little while ago, now is it? (Although or shoes might not be too quick to agree with that.)

As the saying goes “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side”….and maybe that movie star doesn’t really shine as brilliantly as they would hope…..or at least hope to make us think they do.

……and maybe just MAYBE leading a simple life of going out to the store yourself to buy some Kraft Mac and Cheese for dinner, which you eat while sitting in front if the TV watching Downton Abbey, while your hairball hacking cat is sitting alongside of you, isn’t such a bad thing afterall…..

One of my favorite places to visit to get a good dose of celebrity hob-nobbing (well, sort of hob nobbing, at least, LOL) is Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, located right in the heart of Manhattanin Times Square. It’s a “hands on” museum where you can touch and take pics with the amazing wax like-nesses of all sorts of celebrities and people of note from various eras in time, walks of life, and places in history. On my last visit there, I made a video of my experience (a bit of a tour, if you would like to call it that). So if you would like to join me as I sit with Regis and Kelly or see step by step how they made the wax statue of Lady Gaga…then please check out my video below.

Until next time everyone, enjoy your star gazing!
Ta ta and toodles!

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