Where has the time gone?

Six years ago this Sunday, I met the most amazing, most beautiful girl, ever.  She is the only thing I have ever so consistently wanted in my entire life. 
My Breuckelen! 
She is everything I have ever hoped to have as my own little girl.  She is sweet, smart, generous, and kind.   She loves to sing and dance and wear girly, frilly dresses and jewelry.  She is creative and a little spacey.  She is so absurdly dramatic.  She is everything I would have handpicked if I had gotten to handpick her for myself.  Sometimes dreams do come true!
I am not sure where the time has gone but each milestone we pass chips away at my tough mommy armor.  Today was our kindergarten graduation! Now she is turning six and going to first grade and she is very cool – just ask her.  I get nervous because I feel like she is growing up and I might be loosing parts of her that were always just mine.  At the same time though, I have realized that those are my burdens to carry, not hers to worry about.
As I watched her dance her way up to her teacher to receive her kindergarten diploma this morning, I had these fleeting visions of high school and college graduation.  How beautiful it is when a future is so wide open to all possibilities.  She can be and do anything she wants to be.  Now that I sit here writing about it, I am feeling sorry for myself just a bit.  Where is my baby?  When did she get so big?  Why can’t it slow down just a little? Where has the time gone?

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