Living as a Woman

As we go about our normal lives different events bring up different situations and concerns which we live with day to day without truly thinking of them and bring them to the fore front of the daily discussion. One of these issues recently has been women and men roles and “rape culture”. There was recently a very sad occurrence which ended some young peoples’ lives due to the way an individual thought. He believed he was entitled to women and that them turning him down was incorrect on their behalf. There was other things which led up to it, but that is what the media was focusing on mainly. I started seeing interesting articles pop up in my Facebook feed about how men view women and how it was wrong, but when I began to read them I realized something else I was seeing…. myself continuing the same cycle, in not a defenseless woman’s view but in a dominate view of a writer. Most of the books I read have strong female characters, but when I write they are very subjective. I then began thinking how I view women not as another woman but as a possible lover and realized I wanted to be the dominate one. Why must there be a dominant at all?

In this time where women get the right to vote, choose if they wish to be the bread winner, or even stay home and raise a family, women are still under scrutiny and we are still trying to prove ourselves; at work, at home, and in society. I know it doesn’t change over night or in a generation or two, but the behavior that a woman should give a man what he deserves is one I just do not understand.

I am now more aware than ever when I play with my son to not make any role male or female base. I am upset when I look for toys and there are differences between boy and girl pretend toys. I did not find out his gender until he was born because I wanted a nuetral beginning for him, but it lasted such a short time. I hope one day I can truly look at people and say we are all equal, but I regret to say that I will probably not live to see that day.

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