On some updates

I’m having a lot of fun outlining where to take my stories, and doing the exercises in Holly Lisle’s Writing Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck. Flash fiction stories are stories that remain under 500 words. It’s interesting to do the exercises and see what my brain comes up with. I’ve been doing short stories since I was . . . young. Don’t remember when I started. I was inspired by those books, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and More Scary Stories to tell in the Dark. I thought . . . I can do that!

I finally figured out where I will share the free Immortal Separation chapters once I’m done editing them. I redesigned my other site that I quit using in favor of just using this one for everything. I cut it down to the barest I could to keep it functioning. Removed the title, the search, and even the share. Because it’s meant to be used to read those exclusive shares, and nothing more.

If you haven’t heard about it, I plan to release one chapter of Immortal Separation every week once the edits are all finished. I will only release them in my newsletter (with a link) that will allow you access.

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Here is a hint of how they will show up. Click here to read Silence. The link I shared is a draft of a story I wrote a long time ago. One of the ones when I first started to write. I shared it once upon a time on MySpace.

You may ask: Don’t you want to keep that link secret? No. I plan to make sure that whatever link is bookmarked? Will end up being removed and switched around once I start sharing. As in . . . if someone bookmarks it, the links will become invalid. Then once it is up for sale? The chapters will be removed.

I also want to know if that site renders okay. Don’t want anyone to have problems once I start sharing. So if you could check that out, I would be oh so grateful. You’re welcome to leave a comment there, or here. None of those links will work later on.

Also, one of the contributors decided that with their workload, they will no longer be posting on my site.  If you’d like to post on the third Tuesday, or third Thursday of every month from my site, contact me. I technically have those TWO spaces open. I’m looking for people who are positive and would like to share things that enrich lives, help them; you can share recipes as well. Videos are welcome too.

Back to editing!


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