On ideas and outlines for next books

Been taking my time with outlining my next books. I have 8 current ideas brewing around in there, and that 8th one is including the Sorceress Series rewrite that I’ve been dealing with. I paused working on that one since I’ve already got the books laid out and don’t really need to outline them.

Isn’t my outline small? (Via morguefile)

However, once reading Holly Lisle’s Create a World Clinic I noticed that some other ideas crept in there with the Sorceress, so in reality, I may end up working on that one as I go. Who knows, more ideas and books may come out of the five books in the Sorceress Series I have, that are already written.

I want to at least scrunch that number down to 7 total books to write at once because I only have 7 days in a week. Then I can work on one per day, which would be a challenge, and incredibly fun I think. Worst case: I drop some to focus on the others, then pick up the rest later on.

I think I did find a way to incorporate two ideas into one idea so I may have found that possibility. Have to detail them a bit more and then we shall see. So many varying (read: cool) ideas though.

Part of why I’m taking my time with outlining the books though, is because this past time I challenged myself by not outlining the books, so I really want to try a deeper outline (or worldbuild if you will) before I begin. I’m curious if that will speed up the time it takes me to write the books.

Not too concerned that I haven’t been doing much writing on my novels for the past two weeks while I’ve been scratching out the story ideas for this round. I’ve been doing blogs, writing for the Create a World Clinic lesson, and haven’t stopped WRITING per se. I determined that this was in fact, a good way to take a vacation.

I don’t reward myself most of the time except for little things daily. So by golly, this girl is taking a break from novel writing while she develops her storylines!

This feels very weird. My characters are kicking me in the butt telling me NO vacations ever. We won’t let you! Poke, poke, poke. Demanding, sheesh.

I wouldn’t advise doing it this way to just anyone. I have oodles of discipline so I know I can do it. I know because I’ve done it before. And I always get write back to writing with a vengeance. But for those who are told this method doesn’t work, at least you know for some, it does. I’ll outline my ideas for you later. See what you think about each one. I’d love to hear. 🙂

ETA: I should also point out that I have ten finished novels that are waiting to be edited. So for me, taking a break is also helping me take a breath between all the finished, and waiting to be edited.


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