Book Review – Christopher Reeve – Still Me

This is a powerful book.

Most people probably know of the story of Christopher Reeve and his accident that left him in a wheelchair. We watched it on the news, we heard the stories, at some point we came across the it somehow.

This book not only chronicles what he remembers happening right up to the accident, and after, but also his life story. Things about him that I never knew, things about him that I didn’t realize I would relate to. He’s honest and poignant as he tells his story. He details what he went through in great detail after the accident, and tells you about what he faced, and what items he used in his recovery.

I found that even when he detailed the machines that he used in recovery and his hospital jargon he learned, that it still remained incredibly engaging. This from someone who generally reads before bed, which means I’m usually tired when I grab my books. Let me tell you, that really helps you discover engaging versus boring books.

Because of my personal life, I already know a lot of what he spoke of and find that line of information fascinating (medical care and terms), but I think even if you aren’t familiar with it that you will really enjoy how he details it. It’s not boring and he explains it well. That could also go back to how engaging he is (or was) as  a storyteller in general.

I learned a lot about the man behind the Superman mask, and really think everyone should check this out. I love biographies and autobiographies. This was a great one.


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