Special invite and Freebies – Please Share/RT

I have decided (with editor’s help) that for IMMORTAL SEPARATION, since it’s a novelette, that I would do something nice for those who are a part of my newsletter. And something to tide you over until the release of my next novel.

So! I decided that once I’m finished with the edits for IMMORTAL SEPARATION, (end of June or before), I will release ONE chapter every week in my newsletter. If you’re not already signed up for the newsletter, then sign on up! This will be the ONLY way to get this book for the next couple of months. Unlike the others, it will not be released right away.

I’m hoping that not only will this be a great way to introduce more people to my books, but it will also be a way to show all my subscribers just how much I appreciate you.

This is an offer exclusive to subscribers of the newsletter. That is NOT the only goodie! There will be another special goodie (yay, right?!) that will not be mentioned until the end of the last chapter given. And I will only mention it in the newsletter.

Here is the link for newsletter http://buff.ly/1mH209U, and below, a special draft teaser.  This is a part of the book that I always laugh at. Exchange between Lana and Finn.

     Lana narrowed her eyes at him until he laughed. If he didn’t knock off the names, they would never find his body. “I hate you.”

    “Don’t I know it.” He winked. “You make it so fun to pester you.” Lana rolled her eyes.

    “Can’t you use your little magic and make instant dinner?”

    “What do I look like? Samantha? No, I can’t make food appear out of thin air. Lords. Oh!” She snapped her fingers, then pointed at him. “You know where you can get instant food?” She jerked her thumb toward the atrium. “The fast food joint back in the city. Let the door kick you on your butt on the way out.”

They have such a fun repertoire, despite them not being fans of one another.


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