Ariana Browning Mini Story – Revenge

Here is the text version, and below is the image version.
Inch by inch it crept upward. Drawn by the sounds. 
Thump . . . thump . . . thump . . . the noises came.
Long had it slept at peace. Long had it dreamed and enjoyed the silence.
Thump . . . thump . . . scrape. . . .
Grind . . . screech . . . thud. . . . 
Inch by inch it continued upward.
Above he was unsuspecting.
Below he was not.
The mouth gaped further and further as it came.
Just out of sight.
Thump . . . scrape . . . thum–
Silence at last. Beautiful silence. No more scraping, no more thudding. Peace and quiet once more.
Downward it slid inch by inch. The flesh delicious, spiced with a bit of dirt. The metal not so.
All that remained was a small shovel.

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