Book Review – Stephen King – Nightmares and Dreamscapes

What to say about this one. . . .

There were a lot of great stories in it. Then a lot of the stories were ones I skipped. I’m no longer a huge fan of short stories that are all clumped together. Or rather, I’ll say . . . I’m not a fan of them right now. That could always change. Not sure why that is. Just a personal preference.

I think the ones that I didn’t really get into and I just skipped/skimmed over, were the regular stories. I know, I’m terrible, they were normal human stories. Right now to me, I’m in a phase of needing to read something that captures me and I’m yet to be held by regular old stories. That isn’t anything to Stephen King as a writer, or anyone else, it’s a personal preference of mine at this moment.

However, as to the writing, it was engaging and compelling. Typical Stephen King. I’ll probably come back to this later on (years down the road) and end up reading the stories that I skimmed.

I’d suggest reading this if you’re interested in some different short stories from Stephen King, or short stories that you can read here and there.

Skip if you don’t like short story anthologies and anything abnormal from typical Stephen King writing. Helpful? Definitely! lol


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