Raising a Child

My mother had this poem cross-stitched in a frame in my bedroom since I was little. I actually had it memorized at one point and thought my mom was the one who had come up with it until I found it on the Internet many years later. I read this poem thinking I understood what it meant and even when I was told to cherish the days that were to come when I had my children I thought I understood…. Man was I wrong.

I had my son in September of 2012 and since then I have learned so many new definitions for patience, love, and time. I thought I understood what was to come and I just had no idea how this little human was going to change my life and change my outlook on everything. His little hands grab my fingers and drag me around the house most days now. His blankie is normally something I am trying not to step upon as he does. A binkie is a life saver and will get lost so I must know where there is another is at all times. My house is a disaster but that is okay, my little man is helping make memories in his own way.

He currently is sick and I just hate seeing him that way. He lays sluggishly against me watching Frozen for the umpteenth time, but I will cherish those cuddles even if he is not feeling well. He is so active now that those quiet days where all he did was lay and look at things seem so long ago. I miss those days and yet can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring us.

That little man has shown me that I had no idea what love is or could be. He is my world and while he is my world I am scared of that idea. I do not want him growing up with a big head or… oh there is just so much I fear and yet cannot wait to experience with him.

I thought I would start your experience with me out on a positive note. You will probably hear more about my adventure in raising this little guy and any others I have during my time as a poster for Ariana’s blog. Have a wonderful week and weekend.


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