Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter Extended Teaser

Here is an extended preview of Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter for you guys. This is the excerpt/preview that is found in the back of the Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter.


Julian cleared his throat and Kat twitched. Maybe more than she should have. Her attention leapt to him. Around her his aura spun until she dug her nails into the table. Kat was aware of everyone in the room watching her, but she didn’t move or say a word. She clenched her teeth and felt Julian’s pleasure over it.

“Kat, did you have something you wanted to say?” he asked, not just putting her on the spot, but convicting her as well.

How can you do this to me? You will regret this.Her nails lengthened into the table and she further clenched her jaw. Speaking through clenched teeth, a deep growl slipped out as she said, “No.”

Julian smiled and strode past her, his scent drifted over her, entangling her in its grip. His hand slid along the back of her chair. “What the Queen really wants to say is ‘fuck you Julian,’ but she can’t. Why? Because I won’t allow it. Will I, Kat?”

Kat gawked at him. What the hell was Julian’s plan? Shame her? Embarrass her? If he expected to play with her in front of everyone, he was dumber than he looked.

“Julian—” Kat sucked in a breath and stars danced in her vision, her back stiffened. Julian did something she couldn’t stop.

“As I said, I won’t allow it.”

Kat leapt up, fighting against Julian’s aura. The move small, but the pressure it caused upon her wasn’t. “Stop manipulating me.”

A deep snarl ripped out of her and Kat’s body grew tense, her nails lengthened, her teeth sharpened, the room shook.

Julian blurred over to her, but didn’t touch her. He stopped in front of her face. “Sit. Down.”

The air grew thick with his power, overwhelming the entire room.

Kat continued to face him and her defiance caused him to once more, crush his aura around her. A heavy pressure lay upon her shoulders, determined to force her down. The entire room would’ve felt it this time. There was no way they didn’t. Kat wanted to tell him to screw himself and to fight everything, but as she faced him, she slipped within his mind instead.

Knowing she heard him with little effort, he threatened through his mind, “I will kill them, Kat. Every one of your clan. Even Sean, Declan, Hunter, Jake, and Max.”

The complete calm with which he uttered the threat, knowing she searched him, quieted Kat in an instant, and her head snapped back. Her gaze moved away from Julian, to Sean, and back to Julian. She drifted back down to her chair. Her bottom lip trembled.

Julian turned his attention to the room and Kat glanced at Patrick. He shook his head at her, not Julian. What was wrong with everyone?

Hope you enjoyed this extended preview, this will be the last share before the release. I’m super excited to hear everyone’s thoughts.


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