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Snippet from WIP

It’s been a long time since I shared something I was working on. I thought I’d give you a bit of the dragon story that I am. Today. Tell me what you think. 🙂

NOTE: This is a draft, subject to change. All rights reserved. But you CAN share the link to this if you would like as long as everything remains intact.


Still no sounds appeared outside the door. Nothing moved, nothing stirred. Through the window, she saw no wind, no shadows, nothing lurking about. But something was out there. It slid across her skin, within her flesh like millions of pins prickling against her nerves.
Everything heightened. Even the forest beyond the cottage seemed to have stilled. Waiting. Sensing something headed her way.
Alara backed up to her bedroom until the back of her legs smacked against the mattress. She almost tumbled backward. Steadying herself, she leaned to the side and stretched her fingers out. Without removing her attention from the door, she grabbed her boots. In her haste, she knocked one of them over and mumbled to herself, “cursed boots.”
But there was something out there. She shoved her foot into the boot she held. Then she bent to the side again, further than before, as far over as she could before she toppled, and fumbled in the darkness under the bed for the other one.
The tips of her fingers found purchase and touched the top edge of her boot that had crawled under the bed to hide in the gloom. Even her clothes sensed the ominous feeling encroaching and wanted to scurry away to hide. Her fingers slid along the side of the boot and she wrapped her hand around the leather, then dragged it from beneath the bed. The boot protested and the sole grumbled against the boards, nooooooooo don’t make me.
She didn’t blame them.
So close.
Alara straightened her back. A small cry slipped from between her lips and she dropped her boot.


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