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Book Review – Ancestor – Raymond Steyn

Find this book on Amazon here – Ancestor – Raymond Steyn 

When I was first asked to read and review this, I was going to deny it until I read what it was about. Then I couldn’t pass it up. I absolutely loved the idea that someone else was writing a book about Neanderthals being anything but the less-than-intelligent beings that they have been portrayed as. So I had to read this. See if this author took the story in a similar line as mine will be. Some parts were, most weren’t thankfully. I am SO glad that I did read this though! Not only did this book keep me engaged, but there were some moments I found it hard to put it down. I am super thrilled that there will be another one.

There were only two bits I didn’t like, but one of them happened to be renewed when I finished the book. Well, mostly. The first was the first POV that parts of the book are in. They bothered me because I felt like those parts could’ve been richer and deeper if they weren’t in first, but I realized at the end, why they were. Very clever. I had a strong hunch in the beginning that the book would go that way. Despite that, I still feel that those parts could have somehow been deeper and more rich. The only other issue was the “uh” and “er” parts. Minor things, most wouldn’t notice, but I could.

I think I’m marking this as one of the favorites. Could just be that I adore Neanderthals and also feel that a lot of what this book shows, was closer to how they were. I’m happy that I got a chance to read and review this book. I look forward to the next one. Curious where the story goes. Great book to check out, especially if you enjoy Neanderthals. The detail is just right for me. I like a bit more in-depth information and this hit the right mark.

He also gets a bit extra points on a personal level for living in one of my favorite places, which is South Africa. I mean hello, Arnold Vosloo anyone? Thank. you. haha But seriously, I have always loved it for some reason.

If you want a great book to check out, go grab it! Seriously. Like . . . right this second.

Okay I’ll wait while you do.

Move along now.

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