3-4 positions left

Once I get my new site design set up and implemented, are there any people who’d like to write a guest post once in a while? Not book reviews, not author interviews. Articles outside writing.

(Zeva is doing a cute whistle right now so I’ll let her say hi to you as well.)

Anything goes, as long as it isn’t about writing, books, hate, or selling.

If you don’t have a blog, yet would like to occasionally guest post, you’re more than welcome to ask. I’m slowly trying to expand what I post on my website, and would love interesting articles to share. Want to tutor people on something? Want to share inspiring words? Recipes? Monthly exercise regimes? Some humor? Entertainment? How-To blogs? Vlogs?

I’m looking for humor, love, family, spirituality, hope, personal security, pets, crafts, everyday life, recipes, exercise regimes, home-schooling, gardening, positive messages, improving your life, and the like.

Contact: ariana@arianabrowning.com

Also note the email change. If you want to message me, please update your records to ariana@arianabrowning.com

I’ve been trying to update my email since I changed my name and I finally was able to get that fixed.

So far, I have 6 people who’ve signed up. All wonderful people. I plan to put them on a schedule for once a month, and they will either be Tuesday or Thursday posters. That means I have a total of 9-10 people I can have guest blogging through my site. This way you get more wonderful content, and the people I’ve signed up are funny and inspirational individuals.

If you’d like to, let me know.

Updates for me: 

  • I have updated all my eBooks with the new email, as well as my updated information in general (formatting I wanted to fix).
  • I am in the process of finishing all the paperbacks. As well as the hard bound.
  • I am currently looking into the possiblity of offering hard bound books of mine, at paperback prices. And even with special formatting just for those books. Formatting referring mostly to special font. Most people won’t notice the difference, but the paper and the font will be different. They will be custom books.
  • I am perhaps halfway through the new site design so I’m getting there.
  • My editor is about halfway finished with Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter.
  • I think Kat has more to say about this series, so I’m trying to take time to chat with her. She keeps knocking on my door and giving me more and more information. No telling what that girl is up to, but I will see.
  • And finally, I have been working on some more home bound books (fun to work on them when I have the time) so I may have a new (blank) 6×9 or so journal to sell soon if anyone is interested. 🙂 I honestly have no clue about price, so as long as it’s over $10, you can make whatever offer you want. I’m making some tiny ones for a friend to use on her bracelet, which will be about an inch. We’ll see how those turn out, haha.


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