I have seen so many people who allow one thing to ruin their day. Life will never flow perfectly. It will not go the way you want it to at all times. Accept that change will happen. Accept that peace only comes when we realize that life is a chaotic mess. It cannot be predicted or planned for. In the imperfections is perfection. We already possess the power to control our lives by controlling how our minds react to the things that happen to us. Accept the mindset of whether bad things happen or not, your day won’t be ruined. Accept that one bad thing doesn’t ruin your day. Or two. Or three. Have a good day, in the midst of the chaos. You are not your pain. You are not your bad moments. They are things that happen to us, but they are not us. Be at peace with them. Peace comes in accepting that at this moment, you are alive, and that is all that is important. That option is not available to many. Celebrate that. Be grateful for this moment. It’s all yours. Don’t allow one thing to ruin that.


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