There just aren’t very many trustworthy people in this world

You have to wonder if people know the value, or meaning, of trust anymore. It’s hard to determine who we can trust with our secrets. Hard to tell who will not spread them further along than their own ears. It seems as though people are more interested in spreading gossip and gaining attention than in understanding that they had been entrusted with a piece of gold, something far more valuable than gold actually: a part of themselves that they trusted the person to keep.

More times it seems now, that the people entrusted with those secrets wish to continue to spread the fire feuled by speaking them.

But why?

What really does one gain at the end of the day to not only start a wildfire, but to help continue it? Not even having considered that these are precious lives of people we are talking about.

Every person has a story and every person has something that they wish to be able to share with the person they trust the most. How are they to know that the person they are telling the secret to, will decide then to spread it to someone else? Common gossip is what that is called and it needs to stop.

When you are given a secret, or even just something that someone wished to share with you, don’t spread it! Most of the times people are under the assumption that if they don’t do something, that it will be a bad thing. Stop and ask yourself, what if you were that person.

What would you wish? Would you wish for them to spread things on?

Hugs and kisses and more to come!
Til next time!! 🙂


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