A Personal Note to All of You

I shared this on Facebook the other day, but thought to myself, I really need to share it again for those that missed it. And all over. So here you go.

I consider myself a very fortunate human being. Getting to know such an exceptional group of people, fans, and individuals, has been an amazing experience in the past year, and longer. Every day you deserve to be told how great you are and how much I adore you all. I am impressed by, and absolutely love the creativity everyone shows, especially those who are a part of The Blogging Lounge. I enjoy reading the incredible things they come up with in general, but especially for the prompts. That is why you have seen me sharing their links on my profiles when they share the prompts in the group. I am so proud of them. It takes great courage to write and share your thoughts. Let’s never forget that. To do so in any form online is a brave feat. I don’t think we realize sometimes that we are so much stronger than we may believe. We all do mini acts of courage every day without realizing it, or receiving credit for it.

I come online every day to read stories, and get to know everyone, and we are all fighting battles, but I see so many people who hold their heads high and never allow that to bring them down for long. It is incredible. It’s beautiful. You are beautiful. There are always people out there who may be silent, but they are privately rooting for you every step of the way, and hoping all those dreams and wishes of yours come true. You can count me as one of them. I eagerly look forward to continuing to get to know you, and seeing all the accomplishments you achieve. Everyone possesses their own wonderful gifts and talents that they bring to the posts that it’s fun to learn things from you that I may have never known before. So many people complain about Facebook, I understand that, but at the end of the day it’s a great place to meet and talk with some fascinating individuals.

I also understand that when you may see me share where you can find me online, that it’s just another person sharing their sites and it’s about numbers, but to me, it’s about connection. I truly love to chat with you between everything I do. Even if I had millions of followers, I can guarantee you would each continue to have a face, a name, and a story to me, not just a number. And despite my weird brain who forgets, I remember the small details you share whether you know it or not. Between all the things I have to do every day, it can get lonely during certain periods. So even on days where it may not seem like I am fully engaged, I AM paying attention and hearing you. You are always, always heard by me and accepted. No matter who you are. I enjoy talking to everyone, even on the days I am exhausted and it may not seem so. If nothing else, know how much I appreciate having such amazing people to talk to. How much I appreciate getting to know everyone around me, and how damn amazing you are. ♥

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Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting! P.S. I'm NOT the radio Kim.

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