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The Blogging Lounge to take over Twitter!

With your help, that is. Well, maybe not take over Twitter. Maybe . . . the world! 

If you missed the post the other day on Facebook or Twitter, I created a group Twitter account for The Blogging Lounge at

If you’re a writer who would enjoy increasing your readership and want to meet like minds, a reader who’d like to read some wonderful blogs (trust me, I don’t pimp out blah sort of reads, lol), and overall want to join in, feel free to follow and come by.

Every day I RT [almost] anything that is tagged @blogginglounge or #theblogginglounge. If you are part of the group on Facebook (, I pop in, grab links shared that day and tweet them. If you tag, you may end up earning two tweets a day. This isn’t a competition sort of thing, it’s just that I may overlook, or do it accidentally. Which is all right because you get more views! Just no playing with my mind you meanies, because I will limit how much I share a particular link per day. I can see which ones I have done. Thank you Twittah! ha-ha

I set the account up so that others can use that tag, follow your great posts, but also as a great way to increase viewership. If you help me get the word out, that increases how many people will see your links when shared. As long as you don’t promote “buy this!” links, and you do want to be a part of that group, you CAN tag quotes from your books, fun quotes, interesting things you find, blog posts, etc. Again, as long as they are not links to buy your products, promotional links, or similar. A quote from your book is fine if you do the quote, and the book name, but no link. Then it’s not technically promotional. This is to increase readership, participation, connection with others like you. And overall fun times!

And because I do have such high standards (they are higher for myself) I will check a link to a blog, or make sure it isn’t something grotesque. I won’t limit based on personal issues I have with anything, but only from what I deem inappropriate for readership. As in, I’m not sharing sexual posts with a lot of nudity, or things that I feel promote hate. If you’re unsure, you can always just ask. You can tweet me at that account and I will respond. If a link is overlooked, I may just have done it by accident, but again, feel free to tweet me, or DM me to ask. I follow back all that follow that account.

Note: Vlogs are also permitted.

Because this is also a blogger group, if you have a blogging question, you’re also welcome to tag #theblogginglounge or @blogginglounge and I’ll still RT it. Get a lot of help with Blogger, WP, or other issues. Ask a question of the group in general. This is all about connecting, connecting, connnnnnecting. 🙂

Ask me a question, or leave a note below & tell me if you enjoyed this..

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