Book Review – Dean Koontz – Intensity

Thought I would scream

Okay, as with the title, this is an intense read. I’m not sure what is is/was about it that makes it that intense, but my heart definitely was pounding while I read it. I got too into the book.

The only “off” thing for me, if you can call it that (I’m brutally honest with reviews) was the over usage of “honey” from Chyna near the end. Not saying more than that because I don’t want to give the book away, but for me, I get bothered by too many terms of endearment. Which is funny considering I write them into my own books at times, but it just began to feel a bit fake.

Other than that really minor nitpick, no cons from me for this book. LOVED it. I found myself relating well to Chyna’s personality. Maybe that’s also why I could connect with this book so well.

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