Book Review – Stephen King – Bag of Bones

As usual, Stephen King delivers the nice creep factor with this book. I was so sucked in that when my older brother opened the garage below me, I might have suffered a bit of a twitch. Possibly. What’s interesting about this book is the way Mike describes feeling a presence in the house, and if anyone has ever been in a house like that, you’d know: that’s a very accurate feeling. It is where I live. You can always feel something around. Only mine isn’t some long dead woman who you have to worry over. Thankfully. I can’t think of any gripes with this. I would’ve preferred this not to be in 1st POV, but you have to write a story as the characters demand, even if sometimes that is not how you want to go, so I understand that, and can’t really think of anything I didn’t like about it. I was enthralled from start to finish, stayed with the story, and couldn’t leave it sitting for too long before I had to grab it and continue once more. Definite recommend for SK fans. It IS a bit longer than normal, but not more so than any other of his books.


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