Dark Illusions: The Beginning FREE

Amazon has marked Dark Illusions: The Beginning as free. Celebrate here with me a moment. Yay!

So anyhoosles. If you haven’t downloaded the eBook, you can do so now.

The link:

If you want a format other than the Kindle, you can get that from Smashwords here:

We will have another free download of The Next Chapter next month on Kindle. Keep an eye out for that, if you want the eBook and haven’t downloaded it. Still working on the paperback. I’m really hoping to get it out by next week. The cover is the thing giving me issues.

As soon as the paperback for Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter is finished, I will let everyone know. I am really excited to get that out. I am also going to redo the paperback for The Beginning. When the paperbacks are finished, I plan to let you buy a copy through me, that I will sign for you, no extra expense. Same price you pay in the store, is the same I’d charge you. Well, except for the extra shipping out to you. That’s the expense I’ll pay myself.

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting! P.S. I'm NOT the radio Kim.

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