Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


Character Profile – Kat – Dark Illusions

Quote from Kat
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Ah, the girl that everyone loves so much. And yet wants to ring her neck, as well.


I know you’re dying to know whether that is her full name or not. Well, you’ll have to wait. Unless you cheat and scroll to the bottom, but I know you’ll be good. Correct?

I can tell you that I never made a last name for her. Most of the characters don’t have one. I don’t have much of a reason for it. I never find it important unless someone uses their full name for a purpose, as in the case of Julian. I don’t do that in any of my books. One thing my editor and I go back and forth with. My hatred of those little details that don’t really matter, and hers that some of them do. I compromise sometimes, but that’s one of those things that I wouldn’t.

Who is she?

Kat is a strong-willed individual. She never had it easy growing up and always had to stand up to everyone around her. She got used to being on her own so giving up her independence proves difficult for her. Relationships are tough, and having people who want her to give them her heart, is tougher. Love has been hard for her so to put it simply, she is scared of it.

Then she meets Julian and everything she gave up hoping for, is there in front of her face, yet he denies it over and over again. So she does what she does best. She runs and runs fiercely. Kat always hides a part of her from the entire world, giving them only what they want to see. The one person she can’t do that with is Julian. He sees her as she is. He fights it, but he knows her in ways that only he can. They are both scared of what can exist between them so when Julian says they can’t be together, she not only accepts it and forces herself to face it every single second, but then she erects a wall between them that he has to work to destroy. She wants that though. She wants to know that he is strong enough to handle what she is capable of giving to someone and she refuses to give that to just anyone.

What looks do I have in my mind when I write Kat?

Here are some pictures of celebrities. Girl next door-ish with a certain vibe about her.

(I like to link so that if you don’t want to look, you don’t have to SEE it, and ruin your own ideas in your mind.)

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3 – Hair Color

Even though she gives into those animalistic desires and plays with Sean and the others, she is loyal. Her heart never sways from the man she wants, just her body. She tries to respect his decision about being together, but for her, she wants a connection that is unlike anything in existence and she knows she can have it with Julian so her heart remains his. From the moment they meet, nobody can take her heart from him. Not even her.

A question my editor asked, which I will use here as well.

Does Kat realize what she does to men is part of her innate abilities? That it isn’t a natural feeling men have for her but a pull due to her powers? Or does she just think she is that good at seducing men?

Kat has always found men around her, and that they’ve always held a dangerous sort of attraction for her. Wanting to possess her, being pulled in by her innocent, yet mischievous ways. To put it simply, men like her. She knows that. Always has, but she’s never really been interested in them. In the stories you can see that she also has a naturally high sex drive, but she never acted on it.

When she is Awakened her urges become much harder to suppress, especially when surrounded by all those men who don’t take no very well and are incredibly used to seducing women into doing what they want.

So she does know what she does to the men around her, even the women, but at the same time, when she becomes Awakened something more powerful in her inner essence is released. An uncanny ability that grows from her natural ability to seduce men with very little effort on her part (because of her charm and grace), to something sinister, dangerous. It frightens her as she has never enjoyed too much attention on her at once, but at the same time, it excites her.

I wrote Kat to be on the very edge of a witch/enchantress type of individual. I hint at it with the first book, and when Cyrus watches her with Cameron. Saying, “damn witch that woman.” I wanted people to say wait, is she a witch? Is something within her unnatural? Because though there isn’t . . . there is. Why else would men gravitate toward her? Something in her DNA brings it out in them.

It is her nature. And she is dangerously aware of it. It is part of why she keeps to herself, as well as how much she simply enjoys her own company. It doesn’t seem that way, but you can see it in the little things. She doesn’t like going to party’s, she sits in her own booth at the club, she prefers to hang out in the garden at Julian’s home/castle, over being in the midst of the hubub that goes on within.

She may play, but notice she only plays with the men she knows wants her, and will do anything to get to her. So is it a naive playing she does, or playing when she might know deep down that it’s either play with them, or have them grab her in a dark alley whether she wants it or not? Only she can truly answer that. I don’t even know it, I’m afraid.

One thing I know is that Kat is never to be underestimated. Though she comes across as playful, underneath that lies someone paying a bit more attention than anyone knows. The play comes in to distract from what she is really doing.


Is Kat her full name?


It’s Katarina.

Pronounced: Kat – uh – reena.

Lost files: The job Kat initially had when I first wrote this was as a fledgling writer. When she’s reading her books, I had originally written that as her writing in a journal/book, and even had plans to write out those things she worked on, as a separate blog. I ended up scrapping that because I couldn’t think of anything good to elaborate on it.

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