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By nature I’m a happy person, but I love dark, deep, creepy, & old/vintage/antique so there is no telling how many layers there are to uncover in my stories.

If you’d like a book suggestion, lemme know. I’m happy to guide you to the right book. My readers range from teens to over seventy, male to female and anywhere in between so give something a try. Never know what you may like.


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I love losing myself in Kim Iverson’s stories. One doesn’t read a Kim Iverson book. They experience it. And I am never left feeling unsatisfied by the experience.

— Jeanie Creech

Just Released


March 27, 2021

Published on Digital

& Paperback (coming soon)

Official page

In Edits


April 2, 2021

On round 1/5

Inputting changes from paper to digital

Release Date:

July-ish 2021

Official page

Next To Edit


April 2, 2021

On round 1/5

In paper edits stage – first read through

Release Date:

October 2021

Official page

Think these books are it? Hardly!

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Going to be working on Property of the Pack

I forgot to mention this last week in my newsletter, but I’m going to be working on Property of the Pack this week. Since it’s not a main part of the story world for the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe, and it’s more of a companion story to show a bit more of the development between…

Progression of a story

I completely forgot to mention my follow the creation series in the last blog. Yes, I am fully aware I haven’t posted the next in that. Don’t even have it written up. I usually rarely have prewritten posts done. I do things as I have time, I forget a lot, and life gets in the…

War of the Lycaen Chapter One and updates

Recently I decided to update the theme on my site. I really loved the one that I was using, but noticed if I used my regular menu on the homepage, it messed up. Many themes these days aren’t built for writers who wanna link all their book pages. Especially if there are more than 40…

Follow the creation series

How to develop a story. How to generate an idea. How to further develop an idea. Follow me as I develop this idea. Any of those interest you? See all the posts related in this follow the creation series. Where I take an idea, and develop it in front of you.

Narrowing down the idea

In the first part of this, I mentioned having a dream that inspired the [potential] idea for a story. Dream that turns into story idea – follow my creation of this story With that post, I mostly just left it vague, general, and all over the place. I was talking about questions to ask, ideas to…


Rather than always posting to my socials, here’s some fun pics of Cheyenne. She is a Shih Tzu. Harassing her while I’m working on this outline. That hair! She needs to be my stylist. I’m trying to outline a story I’ve had done for years, but always put off rewriting. Because yes it needs a…


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