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By nature I’m a happy person, but I love dark, deep, creepy, and old/vintage/antique so there is no telling how many layers there are to uncover in my stories. For a more in depth on me, check out my about page. If you’d like a suggestion, lemme know. I’m happy to guide you to the right book. My readers range from teens to over seventy, male to female and anywhere in between so give something a try. Never know what you may like.

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I love losing myself in Kim Iverson’s stories. One doesn’t read a Kim Iverson book. They experience it. And I am never left feeling unsatisfied by the experience.

– Jeanie Creech

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Just Released


April 28, 2020

Published on Digital

Waiting for Paperback

Official page



April 28, 2020

On round 1/5

Getting ready to send
to Jeanie for first thoughts

Release Date:

August 2020

Official page

To Edit


April 28, 2020

On round 1/5

In paper edits

Release Date:

November 2020

Official page

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Or are you curious to see the full list of my work? What’s next to edit, what’s published, what are my series, and far more?

Just keep going

Gonna start this with some adorable photos that I took yesterday of the baby cottontail growing up in our yard. Sadly (not sure how) his family must not have survived because he’s the only one I’ve seen. Mom and Dad show up here and there, but I haven’t seen siblings. Unless they (the rabbits) tend …

Why them?

Why choose a partner? Why choose that particular individual as a partner? Goes along with the theme of relationships in my head as of late. This is a question though that I’ve been focused on for a while, but I wanna say it was around late last year that I really started to put it …

Quiet somber day

Just feels like it, doesn’t it? All the posts honoring the fallen and showing gratitude for them, for their families, all of it. It’s been nice to see the quiet reflective atmosphere halt all the rest for a minute. I haven’t lost anyone who was in the military close to me, but it does usually …


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