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By nature I’m a happy person, but I love dark, deep, creepy, & old/vintage/antique so there is no telling how many layers there are to uncover in my stories.

If you’d like a book suggestion, lemme know. I’m happy to guide you to the right book. My readers range from teens to over seventy, male to female and anywhere in between so give something a try. Never know what you may like.


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I love losing myself in Kim Iverson’s stories. One doesn’t read a Kim Iverson book. They experience it. And I am never left feeling unsatisfied by the experience.

— Jeanie Creech

Just Released


March 27, 2021

Published on Digital

& Paperback (coming soon)

Official page

In Edits


April 2, 2021

On round 3/5

Deep edits

Release Date:

July-ish 2021

Official page

Next To Edit


April 2, 2021

On round 1/5

In paper edits stage – first read through

Release Date:

October 2021

Official page

Think these books are it? Hardly!

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Short I am working on

Had a dream recently that I decided to tie into the Sorceress series as I mentioned somewhere. Ended up being a short story from the Sorceress’s granddaughter. Being . . . a teen. lol While trouble is happening in the magical realm, she is focused on that, but also gaining the attention of a cute…

Still waiting

I didn’t want to list the new version of The Culling Cycle until it was completely delisted from all the other retailers. I have already pulled it from Amazon (that retailer I’m doing anyway with my work – you’ll find out why later) and Smashwords, buuuuuttt I wanted to be sure it was completely taken…

New cover & title for experiment

I thought I’d do a little experiment and publish a book under my full name to test interest. Also how well it works. As anyone knows there is still a stigma attached to feminine names on books, more so Sci-Fi and Horror, etc. Otherwise you wouldn’t see female authors use initials so much, or shorten…

Updates and YouTube channel switches

So you’ll get this updates two ways. First, video if you’d rather listen and/or watch. I decided I would change my YouTube channels up. For a long time I battled with what I’d do with my old YouTube channel because I don’t use the email (and didn’t want to) since I changed away from pen…

What’s in a name? Coming out of the writer’s closet.

Well, sort of. Only if you don’t know me, or haven’t followed me all this time technically. Never really hid this, I’ve always been pretty open about it like with everything else. I know my openness may freak people out, but it’s me. I spent a childhood silent and nearly took my life. I won’t…

On to Savage Lands

I decided to take a break from diving into the deep edits with Savage Lands because I wanted to try something out with my work. For now I’m keeping it quiet publicly, unless you wanna know behind the scene chatter I do. In which case that is in my Discord group I created (link in…


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